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The solution for agencies, entrepreneurs or hosting companies that work with server management and WordPress sites, create servers and install WordPress sites on the best providers, with customer access and teams in the panel.

Why choose Cloud Panel?

Create Cloud WordPress plans or sell website hosting all in one, the complete WordPress management panel.

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Discover some of the features of the panel

These are the key features our customers have come to expect – don't forget we add new features and improve existing ones periodically!

Cloud Providers

We have 10 native integrations with the best cloud providers on the market.

Unlimited Servers

Configure unlimited WordPress servers on the dashboard and grant access to your users.

Unlimited Sites

Install unlimited WordPress sites on the dashboard and give access to your users.

User Management

Allow your partners, partners or customers to access the dashboard to manage servers and websites.

Team Management

Set up teams and add users to manage limited resource dashboard access.

Backup Tools

Amazon AWS or third-party S3-integrated backup tools, keep your backups.

Monitoring system

Configure monitoring systems on the panel like Netdata or Monit on your servers.

WooCommerce Integration

Automate sales of servers and WordPress sites with WooCommerce on recurring subscriptions.

Notification System

Configure smart notifications on the panel to receive alerts of procedures performed on the panel.

Panel Logs

Keep track of all dashboard logs with access to dashboard runs.

Web Servers

Configure servers with Nginx or LiteSpeed, the best web servers in the world.

Multiple Firewall Levels

Enable server-level or site-level firewall and keep your WordPress sites fully secure.

WordPane Technologies

Start your WordPress hosting business

With WordPane, you don't need to be a Linux expert to build a website with DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud or Vultr with LiteSpeed, use our dashboard and build an affordable cloud business.

Cloud Panel

Solution for agencies, entrepreneurs or hosting companies that work with server management and WordPress sites



Common Questions

What is the access release period?
The Cloud Panel release time depends on the client sending the files to customize the panel, our team's process takes 1 to 3 business days, in most cases the panel is released the next day after payment confirmation and DNS pointing.
Will I be supported on the Cloud Panel plan?
Yes, you will get premium support with our Cloud Panel solution, we will help you resolve WordPress issues your customers have. Remembering that you will need to open a ticket with your demand through our customer center.
How do I access the panel?
You will receive access data via email for your WordPress Panel, the link to access the panel to manage your server and WordPress sites will also be available in the customer center.
Can I request a refund for a Cloud Panel plan?
You can request a refund within 7 days of payment confirmation.
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